Comment acheter des Bitcoin (BTC)

Cryptizy est le moyen le plus simple pour acheter des Bitcoin (BTC)

acheter des bitcoins

How it works ?


1. Sign up for Cryptizy

The first step is to create your Cryptizy account.

Open an account!

2. Make a Deposit

You can deposit funds by Debit/Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) or by direct bank transfer to our bank account details communicated on your Cryptizy user account.


3. Acheter et vendre des bitcoins

Dans votre compte Cryptizy, sélectionner "Achat" puis cliquez sur "Bitcoin". Entrez le montant que vous souhaitez investir ou la quantité de Bitcoins que vous souhaitez vendre.


4. a. Receive yourBitcoins on your wallet or

b.withdraw your Euro balance to your bank account

a. We transfer your Cryptocurrencies directly to your wallet* under 24 hours.
You can get a securised Wallet here

(*)Securised Wallet to store Cryptocurrencies

b. Fill in your IBAN to withdraw your available Euro balance.


We contacted La Banque de France before launching our activity. We are in accordance with the laws and regulations in force


Your cryptocurrencies are stored safely in offline cold wallet and any transfers are monitor by real people at all times. So there is no way that a hacker steal your cryptocurrencies by only hacking


When transmitted, your financial and user data is encrypted and sent using SSL.

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